Our mission is to bring together runners of all abilities at Oregon State University. 


Whether you're dedicated to becoming a better runner and want to compete in college races, run to stay in shape, or just want a group of fellow students to run with, OSURC has a spot for you! 

Membership and Dues

Running Club offers two membership pathways: Recreational, and Competitive.


members can:

  • Attend practice every day with the club

  • Use the club discount at Samaritan Athletic Medicine

  • Upgrade to competitive membership at any time

members cannot:

  • Race or attend meets (XC, Track) with the club.

  • Purchase a jersey



We have the cheapest recreational membership dues of all sports clubs!

Recreational dues cover costs for social events and the value of joining a large community of runners. 


members can:

  • Attend practice every day with the club

  • Use the club discount at Samaritan Athletic Medicine

  • Race and attend XC and Track meets with the club.

  • Purchase a club jersey

members cannot:

  • Nothing! Competitive members enjoy full club racing privileges.



Why $75?

Competitive dues covers meet entries, travel, and the value of training and competing with a team. 

Per term v.s. per season

Recreational members pay to participate each term. Competitive members however pay per competitive season; once during Cross Country and once for Track. 


When: M-F: 4:15PM-6:00PM

Where: Dixon Recreation Center main entrance (outside or inside in the main lobby)

All we ask is that you show up with a positive attitude and ready to run!

Track & Field

For members who want to race on the track or participate in field events we offer a full meet schedule and opportunities to compete at the highest level. Every year we have members compete at high-profile meets such as OSU High Performance, Oregon Twilight, and Oregon Relays.

Cross Country

Cross Country gives us the opportunity to compete as a team against other clubs and colleges in the Pacific Northwest. Our school year starts late for a regular XC season so we highly encourage those who want to compete to train over summer!

If you need help with a training plan please reach out to us at running@oregonstate.edu, or message us on Facebook.