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Club Leadership

Mina Buchanan

Mina Buchanan is a general officer in the club. She enjoys running in the hot, cold, rain, shine, snow, or hail- which is necessary to adapt to Corvallis' ever changing weather patterns. Sleeping and ice cream are strong passions of hers, which fuel her running success. 

Ryan French

I joined Running Club my freshman year in the fall of 2016. From the beginning, I have had a passion for helping others achieve success in their running. I enjoy everything from an intense speed workout on the track to long multi-day treks on the trails. I value community, compassion and hard work. I believe the key to experiencing personal growth and happiness is challenging yourself and putting yourself in unfamiliar situations. As the club president, I am here to answer any questions you might have and can be contacted at or

Sonia Grutzius

Sonia is a senior from Issaquah, Washington, studying biochemistry and biophysics, and she is stoked to take on the role of vice president in her fourth year with the club. Sonia currently holds the club women's record in the pineapple eating contest, and is always down for a snack. When she's not eating or running, you can find her working in a biochemistry lab on campus, or tearing up the country western dance floor with fellow officers Jin, Hannah, and Amanda. Sonia can't wait to hit the trails with you all, and is excited to tackle her 11th year of competitive running with the coolest team around.

Hannah Sims

Hannah is a junior from Sacramento, California, studying HDFS and Education. This is Hannah's 7th year running track and cross country and she super excited to see what this season will bring for the team. In addition to running, Hannah enjoys kicking it with her roommates, hiking, and cooking. As one of the club's social events officers, Hannah makes it her goal to organize get-togethers for team bonding. Should you have any ideas for fun events, don't hesitate to let her know and she'll do what she can to make it happen!

David Gasper

I am a computer science major who has been competing in distance running since 2012. I am involved in distance running not only to train and race but also as a way to meet new people and to seek new experiences. Outside of running, I work at the OSU Open Source Lab.I also enjoy biking and playing the piano, and I am always looking for adventures.

Becca Crawford

Becca is senior studying oceanography at OSU. She enjoys all kinds of running with all kinds of people, and especially likes a good trail run. In her free time, Becca enjoys chasing frogs and hearing/telling nice long jokes. Looking forward to a great year with everyone!

Jin Kiavongcharoen

They told me it was impossible, that no one could do it... That no one could be a non-competitive Running Club officer...but ya know what? I did it. If you love running at a relaxed pace or are new to running, then I am your guy! Find me and we'll go on nice jogs together and sight see the beautiful and majestic terrains of Corvallis, Oregon. I'm a third-year Physics and Math major who has an ongoing love/hate relationship with running, but I do it anyways to keep my sanity in check. So come talk to me, and we can run into the sunset at a sub 11 minute pace together : -) 

Austin Martin 

I have been a sprinter in the running club ever since my freshman year and I love the sport! I focus primarily on the 400 and 200, but occasionally do 100s for fun! I hope that as a sprint officer, I'll be able to help contribute to making our sprint team the fastest we can be!

Casey Sauter

Casey Sauter is a third-year biochemistry student from Eugene. Her favorite race is the 5k and her favorite post-run snack is a DQ Blizzard.

Sophia Jiang

Hi, my name is Sophia Jiang, and I am one of the club leaders for the running club! I am originally from Shanghai, China. My family and I moved to Beaverton, Oregon as immigrants in December, 2014. My major is chemistry with the focus on biochemistry. Noodles are my favorite food. (Ramen, rice noodles, pasta, you name it.) Running is not just goal-setting; it is also about having that "runner's high" or building connections with others, and a lot more. Feel free to talk with me about anything. I can speak Chinese if you are not sure. Run happy:)

Amanda Fox

I am a third-year animal science student with a minor in writing. I grew up in Junction City, Oregon, where I still live and manage my own farm. I raise beef cattle, laying hens, raspberries, and marionberries. I have a chocolate lab named Bean, and I love running with her. She'll probably be at some of the practices this year. Besides my animals and family, my two favorite things are peanut butter and going for long runs. I have run two marathons and my goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon. This is my third year as a member of Running Club, and I absolutely love being part of this group. 

Allison Krein

Hi, I'm Allison! I'm a transfer student majoring in Environmental Sciences, and I'll be graduating in spring 2020. I have been running since high school, and I'm excited for my final year on a school team/club. Outside of running, I enjoy climbing and telling people about my home state of Maryland. I look forward to meeting new members of running club and having a fun year of running!

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