How can I join running club?

To get in contact with club officers about meeting up for a run or joining the club, message us!​

How much does running club cost?

There are two types of membership for running club, recreational and competitive.

Recreational members pay $10 per term. Non-racing members can run with the club at practices and attend club social events.

Competitive members pay $65 per competitive season (XC during Fall Term and Track during Spring Term).  In addition to the benefits of recreational members, competitive members:

  1. Have the opportunity to sign up for competitive XC and Track meets and race under the club name

  2. Have entry fees to all scheduled club meets paid for

  3. Will be provided transportation to meets on the club schedule

  4. Will race in a club uniform


What if I only want to race for one of the competitive seasons?

You only pay for the seasons you want to race! You have the option to pay for the XC competitive season during Fall Term, or the Track competitive season during Spring Term, neither, or both. ​


Are there any other requirements if I want to race?


  1. Competitive members must show up to at least 50% of practices in order to race. Exceptions to this rule will be granted on a case-by-case basis (for example, if a member's school schedule prevents them from practicing with us). 

  2. You also must purchase a singlet to race in. Singlets are only sold to racing members.


What meets/races is the club going to?​

Check out our meet schedule here.



I want to race! How do I sign up for a race?


Cross Country

You are automatically signed up for all the races on the schedule. It is your responsibility to inform an officer if you will not be attending a meet a minimum of 8 days prior to the race. 

Track and Field 

Due to the large number of available events during track, we use a google spreadsheet for sign-ups. The deadline for signing up for a track meet is 8 days prior to the race. 

I signed up for a race but something came up and I can no longer attend.

What do I do now?

Contact an officer as soon as possible! If the club has already paid your entry fee we, unfortunately, cannot give you a refund. When we register for a meet, we pay one large team fee that covers everyone's entry into the race. Therefore, individual refunds are not possible. 


When are practices? What do we do at practice?

We meet for practice every weekday at 4:15 PM at the main entrance of Dixon Recreation Center. On nice days we meet just outside the doors, otherwise, we meet in the lobby.

Generally, 2 practices a week will consist of a structured workout and the other 3 will be distance runs of 4 to 8 miles.


There is always an option for an easy run led by a club officer. We are happy to run any distance or pace, and walking breaks are okay too!

During track season, Sprinters (distances up to and including 800m) get together for separate workouts from the distance squad 3 days a week.

How can I keep up with what’s going on in the club?


Come say hello! The easiest way is to show up to practice, and you can find our practice schedule here. Otherwise, message us with questions/comments/etc. here, or check our Facebook page for more information about upcoming events.


I still have a question!​


Contact one of our officers at, or message us on Facebook.