Sprinters: ≤800m 

Our sprinting program  has experienced a lot of growth over the last couple years!

Sprinters participate in an IM team during Fall term, and start preseason training together during Fall term. Sprint workouts begin during Winter term, and continue through Spring term.


Highly Recommended: Running Club offers discounted athletic training to all members through Samaritan Athletic Medicine. At Samaritan, you'll get a personalized workout plan that's customized to your needs (and distance). Members can visit Samaritan up to 5 times/week.

For more information about sprinting please contact us at running@oregonstate.edu, or message us on Facebook.


members can:

  • Attend practice every day with the club

  • Use the club discount at Samaritan Athletic Medicine

  • Upgrade to competitive membership at any time

members cannot:

  • Race or attend meets (XC, Track) with the club.

  • Purchase a jersey